Lifeguards from Ferragudo help a boat that was being dragged onto rocks in the Arade river

in Portimão


Two children and four adults who were on board a boat with propulsion problems, which was being dragged to an area of ​​rocks, on the Arade River, in Portimão, were saved by the Ferragudo lifeguard today, Sunday, the 16th. of July, in the afternoon.

The alert was received at 13:05, through the Marina of Albufeira, and the lifeguard from Ferragudo was immediately sent to the place

«Upon arrival at the site, the crew of the Lifesaving Station found that the four adults and two children were physically well, without the need for medical assistance, having proceeded to tow, for reasons of safety for the crew and for navigation, to the marina of Portimão», according to the National Maritime Authority.