«Great challenge» that is to make FACECO pay off again in Odemira

Fair once again became a «showcase of the best that is done in the municipality»

It is always «a great challenge», but it is a challenge that pays to accept, year after year. Hélder Guerreiro, mayor of Odemira, made a positive assessment of yet another edition of the Cultural and Economic Activities Fair of the Municipality of Odemira (FACECO), which attracted "more than 30 thousand people and 236 exhibitors" to S. Teotónio.

Over the course of three days, the fair once again «became the showcase of the best that is done in the municipality» and showed «the diversity» and quality of local projects and products, stressed Hélder Guerreiro, mayor of Odemira, at the traditional FACECO balance sheet press conference, which took place this Sunday, on the grounds of the event.

Regarding this year's edition, the mayor from Odemir highlighted "the return of Caixa De Crédito Agrícola Mútuo, which co-founded the fair".

What is at stake «is not the fact that they are a bank», but rather that it demonstrates that the institution, «so many years later, is still committed to a project that is also its own».

Hélder Guerreiro also highlighted the cattle exhibitions – one of the highlights of the event is the competition of cows, bulls and limousine steers -, giving special focus to the joint work that the municipality is developing to recover the Garvonesa cattle breed, «which, we can say, at this moment will already be saved» from extinction.

Some exotic breeds of sheep were also represented here, such as the Ile de France, the Sufolk and the Charolais, of which «there is already some production in Odemira», although «the maximum expression of what production in the territory is is the Limousine and Friesian cattle breeds.

The mayor also highlighted the «good tastings of honey [won by producer Joaquim Candeias Manuel] and arbutus [which José Burnay, with the Taliscas brand arbutus, won] that we had».

In addition, there was the part of enjoyment «by people and families, which we are interested in having quality».

«I had fun! I even played tennis and everything! (laughs)», concluded Hélder Guerreiro.



Already thinking about the next edition, Hélder Guerreiro admitted that it might be necessary to try to «guarantee more parking solutions», as well as «improve signage».

Another improvement that could be introduced next year is the “advance sale of tickets, to avoid so many people queuing to buy tickets.

On the part of Dário Guerreiro, president of the Parish Council of S. Teotónio, the challenge of increasing the duration of the fair was launched, an idea that Hélder Guerreiro promised to study, «also listening to the exhibitors».

The president of the Parish Council where the fair is held also praised the city council executive "for the courage in putting together the program" and for not being afraid "to bring bands outside the box".

«The fact that we had more than 30 thousand visitors proves that it was a winning bet», believes Dário Guerreiro.




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