Faro is one of the seven municipalities to make the «Climate Journey»

The project will also involve the involvement of students (9th grade) from schools in the county

Faro will be one of the seven municipalities participating in the “Viagem pelo Clima” project, a competition involving three teams, developed within the framework of Cooler World – a movement created by Get2C, with the aim of informing and inspiring the population towards Carbon Neutrality and a more sustainable life.

The teams of four people, already selected, will travel the country from North to South, for 10 days, in the most sustainable way possible and with the greatest positive impact on the communities.

As it is a game, participants use a fictitious currency – which will be called “Climate” – to manage resources and evaluate results.

Along the way, they will face several challenges, which will take place and will count on the collaboration of the partner municipalities, with the winner being the team that spends the least amount of “climates”, making the most sustainable options for transport, food, accommodation, etc.

The final prize will be the opportunity to participate in the United Nations (UN) Conference on Climate Change – COP28, in Dubai, which will take place from November 30th to December 12th of this year.

The Municipality of Faro is one of the partners in this project and is already «thinking how it will structure the challenge that will take place in its territory, taking into account the most pressing needs of the municipality, in terms of sustainability», stresses the municipality.

In addition to the challenge, the project will involve students (9th grade) from schools in the municipality, so that mini-COPs can be held, similar to what happens with the initiative organized by the UN.

Students from each school will debate their own ideas and the chosen one will compete with the others, so that, in the end, a proposal for improving the work to be developed in the future is presented to the municipality.

The municipal winners will also have the opportunity to participate, in the Assembly of the Republic, in a meeting with all stakeholders and a senior official from the Ministry of the Environment, to discuss the various suggestions.

The technicians of the City Council of Faro will receive training and, at the end of the project, the municipality must sign a letter of commitment “Journey for the Climate”, in which it will undertake to implement measures conducive to Carbon Neutrality.

Among the initiative's objectives, the following stand out: to mobilize Portuguese society for the urgent climate transition, through an invitation to direct participation in an appealing and challenging way; contribute to the mobilization of Portuguese municipalities on the path to decarbonization.

Other objectives are to demonstrate the influence of each person's lifestyle on their carbon footprint and water footprint, analyzing the impact of everyday choices and behaviors and demonstrating the viability of different modes of transport (as an alternative to fossil fuels), food choices and water consumption.

The project will also allow the work of the Chamber of Faro in this field «gain significant media visibility, making known the good practices already implemented and will also provide an awareness of the population for these issues, through the involvement of the school community and the initiatives to be developed».