Scholarships are now awarded in the placement phase in higher education

New conditions allow scholarships to reach over 5 students

Scholarships will now be awarded in the placement phase of candidates in higher education and access conditions will be extended, allowing to reach over 5 students, the Government announced today.

In a note sent to newsrooms, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (MCTES) explains that the eligibility threshold will be extended from 9.484,27 euros to 11.049,89 euros per capita annual income, adding that it means an increase of 23% in two academic years.

The communiqué also mentions the extension of the conditions of access to the scholarship for working students, explaining that a higher eligibility threshold will be defined for these students.

Thus, explains the MCTES, the eligibility threshold for student workers and students who prove they have earned occasional income obtained in particular during holiday periods, now corresponds to the general threshold plus 1.520 euros (corresponding to twice the Guaranteed Minimum Monthly Remuneration) .

The values ​​of scholarships will also increase: the maximum value will be 5.981,73 euros, growing 7% compared to the 2022-2023 academic year.

The minimum amount of the scholarship for students enrolled in a master's degree also increases, but the grade does not explain this increase.

The extraordinary measure approved in 2022-2023 to increase accommodation supplements becomes permanent and the value of these supplements will also be higher.

As an example, MCTES points to the municipalities of Lisbon, Oeiras and Cascais, where accommodation supplements increase from 310,24 euros (2022-2023) to 336,30 euros (2023-2024). In the municipalities of Porto, Amadora, Almada, Odivelas, Matosinhos it rises from 288,08 euros to 312,28 euros.

The + Superior Scholarships will be extended to more students, now covering Masters. Decisions on scholarship requirements + Superior will also be anticipated for the placement phase.

According to the note, the +Superior Program will also be extended to all students enrolled in the study cycles and Higher Education Institutions covered, even if they do not require support in the year of their placement.

MCTES also highlights the expansion of support for student workers and refugee students from Ukraine, Syria and Afghan refugees.

The renewal of support for students in a situation of temporary protection arising from the military conflict in Ukraine includes the allocation of a maximum grant (5.981,73 euros) and possible supplements, he adds.