“Papercutz+Ensemble” to see at Teatro Lethes

Tickets cost 10 euros

The show “Papercutz+Ensemble”, which brings together producer and composer Bruno Miguel and orchestrator Bruno Ferreira, will take place next Thursday, June 22, at 19 pm, at Teatro Lethes, in Faro. 

This is an initiative that brings together the producer and composer Bruno Miguel, responsible for the northern project with an international career called “Papercutz”, with the orchestrator Bruno Ferreira, a meeting resulting in the new record work, called “So Far So Fading”.

The work documents «a will and desire to unite two worlds that sometimes seem destined to live apart – the orchestral and the digital, creating themes that document the coming of age of the national project», says the organization.

Tickets cost 10 euros, which drops to 7,5 for those under 30 and over 65.

Tickets can be purchased. here