Lagos reinforces urban transport for the summer

Changes take effect on July 1

ONDA buses, from Lagos, will start to circulate more frequently in several urban lines of the municipality, from the 1st of July. 

The changes, which aim to adjust the urban public transport service to the dynamics of population growth in the summer, to the increase in
demand and needs, will have an impact, above all, on the routes serving Sargaçal (Line 5 – ONDA Laranja), Barão de São João and Bensafrim (Line 6 – ONDA Verde), Monte Judeu and Colégio (Line 7 – A ONDA Castanha) and the towns of Cotifo and Monte Ruivo (Line 8 – A ONDA Lilac).

Creating more schedules on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, some permanently and others during the summer, and increasing the number of circulations during the week are the main reinforcement measures.

On this occasion, some adjustments were also made to the timetables for the routes serving the 2nd and 3rd cycles and secondary education establishments.

On the other hand, from a perspective of sustainable management of the resources allocated to this service, the Sunday schedules of Line 10 (A ONDA gray) that circulates in the city will be suppressed, since, according to the analysis of the occupancy numbers and the information provided by the company
service provider, the buses are empty at the weekend.

This alteration was ratified at the last Chamber meeting, where the reduction in the tariff applicable to tourist tickets of 1, 3, 5 or 7 days, and respective image renewal, was also approved, «measures that aim to make more attractive, for those visit the city and
municipality, this type of use of urban transport in Lagos».

The municipality also believes that the purchase of tourist tickets at points of sale to the detriment of purchasing tickets on board facilitates operation in careers and mobility for service users.

«These innovations accompany the effort to update and modernize that has been carried out within the scope of the management of the contract for the provision of services with the company Translagos, which determined the change of ticketing to a more up-to-date and ecological system, with validation by technology contact less, without issuing transport tickets and using cards with various top-up methods», explains the Câmara de Lagos.

The new schedules and prices can be consulted here