Imortal Basket Club honored by the Municipality of Albufeira after national victory

Team became National Champion of the 1st Basketball Division in men's sub-23 in the 2022-2023 season

The Under-23 team of the Imortal Basket Club, the president of the club, coaches, physiotherapists, team directors and Imortal's management were received and honored yesterday, June 12, at the Salão Nobre de Albufeira, after having been crowned National Champions of the 1st Division of Men's under-23 basketball in the 2022-2023 season. 

José Carlos Rolo, president of the municipality, points out that the Under-23 team lived up to its “Clube Imortal” parchments by winning the title of national champion in under-23 in the 2022-2023 sports season, «which is always a huge joy and honor for the entire Albufeira community».

The president underlined «that he could not leave and receive the team, in this house that belongs to everyone, after winning the trophy, displayed on this table as a symbol of the effort and resilience of the entire collective present here».

The mayor congratulated the players, noting that it would not have been possible to achieve this result without the work and dedication of the entire technical staff, parents and Club Management, to whom he addressed special words of thanks.

«It should be noted that the directors have a very important job, voluntary work, done with an open and collaborative spirit in relation to the Club, the sporting cause and the community. It is these people who, with their commitment, together with the players and the technical staff, manage to do a lot with little money, compared to other clubs and countries with large budgets, but we City Council are here to help financially in whatever way we can. possible, as well as in terms of logistics'.

In addition to the results obtained at a competitive level, the mayor also congratulated the Club for the work carried out in the area of ​​training, an investment that he considered essential for the growth and development of the Club, namely for obtaining good results in the future «and this team is a good example of it," he said.



«Albufeira is a small municipality but has thousands of young people enrolled with enormous potential in various sports;
and in football, Imortal is the club that has the largest number of athletes in the field of training», reinforces the president.

José Carlos Rolo did not want to fail to stress the importance of training classes in transmitting values ​​such as respect, discipline, mutual help and fair play, having pointed out that this process is part of the informal education of young people with the advantage that the behaviors learned are replicated in their daily lives.

The mayor ended his speech underlining «the importance of recognizing the work carried out by the team, but also, and above all, the results achieved that dignify the Club and the city of Albufeira in terms of sport».

The president of the Imortal Basket Club thanked all the help received from Albufeira City Council in the person of its president and vice-president, stressing that «the under-23 team is also made up of under-18 athletes, some of whom could not be present at this tribute because they were representing national teams and are only now returning home».

Jorge Guerreiro underlined that the victory achieved was the merit of these “heroes”, of their hard work, as well as of the technical team and management.

It should be noted that "along with Benfica, Imortal is the club that has senior men's and women's teams in the League and, now, in the Proliga, a youth Under-23 team, all home athletes", he concluded.

Cristiano Cabrita, vice-president and responsible for Sports and Youth, was visibly satisfied with the results achieved by the team and «wishes that the next sporting season will be even better for the Club and for the players», taking the opportunity to «thank the effort and commitment of the whole collective».

At the end, diplomas of Recognition of Sports Merit were delivered to the Club, received by President Jorge Guerreiro, and individually to all athletes, coaches, physiotherapists and Sports Directors.

This week, the Municipality will also recognize Padernense Clube, Albufeira Futsal Clube and Grupo Desportivo e Recreativo de Olhos de Água for their sporting performance.