Man who went into cardiac arrest on Alemão beach was saved

The victim was saved by doctors who were on the beach and by members of the “SeaWatch” Project and INEM

A man was saved this Sunday, around 16 pm, after feeling ill in the water, going into cardiac arrest, on Alemão beach, in the municipality of Portimão.

The victim, of Brazilian nationality, was found "in a prone position [face down] in the water, having been removed by the lifeguards on duty at the beach, with the help of the man's friends".

The man «was promptly assisted by two doctors who were at the scene, who would start the resuscitation maneuvers, until the arrival of the elements of the “SeaWatch” Project and INEM, who continued the same», according to the National Maritime Authority.

​«After several attempts, it was possible to revive the victim», with the elements of the "SeaWatch" Project transporting her off the beach, «using the Amarok vehicle». He was then taken by an ambulance from the Portimão Volunteer Firefighters, "in a very serious condition, to a hospital unit", adds AMN.

The Portimão Maritime Police Local Command ensured the security of the area and took care of the occurrence.