DiVaM continues with theater, cinema and poetry in Sagres and Milreu

All DiVaM activities are free with registration required

Theater, cinema and poetry will be highlighted in the July program of the DiVaM program – Promotion and Enhancement of Monuments, in the Fortress of Sagres, Hermitage of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Roman Ruins of Milreu.

The cultural program of the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve this year proposes a reflection on “(Un)comfortable Heritage” and presents projects, designed for monuments, that approach this theme with various artistic languages.

The Roman Ruins of Milreu will host next Saturday, July 2nd, at 18 pm, the project “From Miami to Milreu” promoted by JAT – Coletivo Janela Aberta Teatro.

It is an adaptation of the play by the Community Theater Group – Quarteira Fora da Caixa, for the Roman Ruins of Milreu. The story revolves around Cinema Miami, which forcibly closes its doors in order to drill a hole to discover oil.

This show is an adaptation of an (un)comfortable story, which is still repeated today, and which triggers a rising of the popular voice against the trampling of culture, in the name of economic development.

For more information and reservations, you can send an email to [email protected].

Panapaná – Associação Cultural e Recreativa presents on the 8th of July, at 18 pm, also in Milreu, the project “As Carpideiras”.

It is an original artistic creation in the domain of disciplinary crossings that intersects, in terms of performance, the areas of theater and dance.

The artistic direction is by Neusa Dias and the co-creation and interpretation is by Marta Gorgulho, Neusa Dias and Sara Martins.

For more information and reservations: [email protected] or 966 668 032.

As part of the cinema programme, Fortaleza de Sagres will host the 3rd session of the cycle “Libertar a Memória” promoted by the Cineclube de Faro, on the 22st of July, at 17 pm.

This session is curated by Luca Argel, who selected the films: “Babás” (2010, Brazil, DOC, 20 min), by Consuelo Lins, and the film “What time does she come back?” (2015, Brazil, Drama, 1h47) by Anna Muylaert.

“Libertar a Memória” is artistically coordinated and curated by Luísa Baptista and technically produced by Pedro Mesquita. The following sessions will take place on the 26th of August (which marks the International Day of Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition), curated by Suzano Costa, and on the 23rd of September, curated by Kitty Furtado.

Admission is free, but prior registration is required by email: [email protected].

The Roman Ruins of Milreu will host, on the 23rd of July, in the morning, two DiVaM activities. At 10:00 am, there will be a “steering wheel” lecture entitled “Milreu: Looking at the invisible”, in the form of a guided tour, by João Pedro Bernardes (professor at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of the University of Algarve), making known “almost invisible” aspects ” of this heritage site.

For more information and reservations: [email protected].

On the same day, at 11:00 am, “Poetry (un)comfortable” will be presented by ARCA – Associação Recreativa e Cultural do Algarve, in partnership with ACREMS – Associação Cultural Recreativa Escola de Música Sambrazense – Banda Filarmónica de São Brás.

The project includes music and poems by timeless authors, such as: Catulo, Horácio, Virgílio, Al-Mu'tamid, Camilo Pessanha, Camões, Jorge de Sena, Fernando Pessoa, among others. The artistic direction is by Fernando Guerreiro and the musical direction is by Albano Neto.

For more information and reservations: [email protected].

All DiVaM activities are free with registration.

The program of DiVaM – Dynamization and Enhancement of Monuments – with the theme “(Un)comfortable Heritage” is available here