Algarve Tech Hub Summit inspires future of innovation in the best lifestyle destination in Southern Europe

Three days of conferences and networking, open to all interested parties

From the Algarve to the world and from the world to the Algarve. This is how the Algarve Tech Hub Summit is, which, between the 21st and 23rd of June, in the Auditorium 1.5 of the Campus da Penha, next to the UAlg Tec Campus, in Faro, wants to share and inspire the future of innovation, technology and the business fabric of the region that intends to position itself as the best destination for lifestyle from Europe.

For this, three days of conferences and networking, open to all interested parties.

In addition to the formal sessions, the event includes a variety of panels that highlight the importance of Technology and Innovation to solve the great global challenges of sustainability in areas such as Health, Energy, Oceans, Tourism, Agriculture and Space.

This year's edition of the Algarve Tech Hub Summit reinforces its international position, through panels with the presence of speakers from the United States and several European countries, which will be witnesses that the Algarve already has, in its essence, what is most important for who wants to live with maximum quality to undertake more and better.

During the three days of the event, participants will be able to hear interventions from specialists, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs recognized as Ana Vaz, from ESA BIC Portugal, who will talk about the opportunities that Space can offer; Antonia Correia, professor at the University of Algarve and president of KIPT, the first and only tourism CoLab in Portugal; João Currito (Carob World) which will address Agrotec challenges; Remzi Aru, entrepreneur and investor in the field of Tourism who, through his experience, will transport us to the issues of digitalization of global tourism; Simon Lancaster, from Omni Venture Labs, internationally recognized as a specialist in design thinking and entrepreneurship in DeepTec; Aaron McDaniel, corporate manager, entrepreneur, speaker and globally recognized author, who will talk about his passion: helping companies expand into global markets, innovate and attract and develop top talent; among many other names of national and international prominence.



There will still be room to look at future opportunities that may come from the Sea, with names like Daniel Silva, from GreenCoLab, a collaborative laboratory that studies possibilities of using algae for the most varied purposes, from food to health.

The panel dedicated to BlueTec, on the last day, ends with the presentation of the second issue of magazine two, a project developed by the team of Sul Informação, which pays particular attention to innovation and entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy sector.

Show that the Algarve is the best lifestyle destination in Europe, with a mild climate and lavish nature, between the sea and the mountains, and attract entrepreneurs, digital nomads, remote workers, which participate in the local ecosystem and contribute to promoting the region as a hub Global and competitive technology is one of the main objectives of the Algarve Tech Hub Summit.

Throughout the Summit, several events of networking will promote the exchange of experiences among participants and enable partnerships.

The Algarve Tech Hub Summit will be in person and is open to the public, with free registration, subject to space limitations. For those unable to attend, recordings of the various panels will be made available.

Registration and complete program on the website, by clicking here.

may find here all the information about the speakers.


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