Algarve Tech Hub Summit ends with a focus on artificial intelligence

The dates for next year are already known

From the bottom of the Sea, to the ends of the Universe, with eyes set on the future: this was the last day of the second edition of the Algarve Tech Hub Summit, which took place between the 21st and 23rd of June, at the Campus da Penha of the University of Algarve and which already has a return scheduled for the 30th and 31st of May 2024.

The day began with a look at the challenges facing the BlueTec sector and with the presentation of the second issue of Revista Dois, a project by the team at Sul Informação, which hit newsstands this Friday, and which has the Sea as its main theme.

There was talk of the opportunities that the sea can represent for the future, whether in environmental sustainability, medicine or even food.

But talking about the future, these days, is also talking about Artificial Intelligence and this was particularly highlighted on this third – and last – day of the Algarve Tech Hub Summit.

Whether in Marketing, Industry, Transport or Health, Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and we must «use this tool. If it exists, if it is there, it should be used to improve the work process», defended speaker Célia Meira.

Ignacio Correia agrees with this view: «either we fight against it, or we try to take advantage of it».

For the speaker, who foresees an exponential evolution of this technology, «there is no need to be afraid» and Ignacio Correia even outlined some scenarios that may be on the way: «for example, a chip placed in the brain, can detect what will happen inside it . This can help prevent and treat diseases like Alzheimer's or dementia. Have you ever thought about what a world without these diseases would be like?», he asked.

Also, he predicts, «in the future no one will need to have their own car. We are on our way to having a system of automated cars, which we can call through an application and take us from point A to point B».

The specialist goes further and even believes that «the future of work for humans may lie in tools such as AppleVision that allow remote control of a possible “digital twin”, which may be in the workplace carrying weights».

This tool, he argues, is «the future of computing». It will become “everything with remote control. From work, to driving cars or even aviation».

Rafael Guerreiro also believes that it is necessary to «accept our fate and use Artificial Intelligence to improve business and the world as much as possible».

The afternoon was dedicated to the areas of TravelTec, SpaceTec and AgroTec and the challenges they face. Once again, Artificial Intelligence emerged in the debate as both a challenge and an opportunity in these areas.