Popular marches and fairs are back on the streets of Portimão

In total, more than a thousand participants will be involved, including marchers, choreographers and costume designers

The popular marches, fairs and parties that mark the beginning of summer are back in the streets of Portimão to celebrate Santo António, São João and São Pedro. 

The parades will count on the participation of cultural and recreational groups, such as Sporting Glória ou Morte Portimonense, Sociedade Recreativa Figueirense and CIRM – Clube de Instrução e Recreio Mexilhoeirense, which will join the Marcha da Vila de Alvor, organized by the Board of Parish resorting to local volunteering.

During the month of June, six parades are scheduled, always starting at 22 pm: 00nd June – Portimão Arena, with free entry and ticket collection on the spot; 2 June – Polidesportivo da Figueira; 9th June – Montes de Alvor Sports Pavilion; 11th of June – riverside area of ​​Alvor; 16rd of June – Praia da Rocha (from the Viewpoint to the Fortress of Santa Catarina, along Avenida Tomás
Cabreira) and 30th of June – Portimão riverside area, in the area adjacent to the old fish market.

Marking the festivities of the Popular Saints of Portimão is "the spirit of neighbourhood", emphasizes the municipality, which also invited to participate the March of the Association Group of Friends of Pedreira (Silves), the March of the Sports Club of Odiáxere (Lagos) and Club march
“Os Estombarenses” Football Stadium (Lagoa).

In total, more than a thousand participants will be involved, including marchers, choreographers and costume designers. The music will be provided by the Sociedade Filarmónica Portimonense, with the traditional “Cavalinho”.

In addition to the marches, stingrays will be a constant. With the participation of Sporting Glória ou Morte Portimonense, Clube União Portimonense and Sociedade Vencedora Portimonense, Arraiais will be back at Praça da República on Saturdays of the 10th, 17th, 24th of June and on Friday, the 30th of the same month, no without food and drinks, between 19 pm and 00 am.



The musical entertainment will start at 20 pm, with the following programme: 00th – Grupo Coral de Portimão and musicians Nuno and Soraia
(21h00); 17th – Portimão Institute of Culture and accordionist Claúdio Rosário (21:00); 24th – Grupo de Cante Alentejano from the Community Centers of the Municipality of Portimão and accordionist Pedro Miguel Silva (21:00); 30th – Choir Group As Vozes do Glória and accordionists Ricardo and Idalécia (21:00).

This year's edition of the Popular Marches is part of the vast program prepared by the Municipality of Portimão to mark half a century of
freedom and democracy, and which will develop over a year full of activities, culminating in the celebrations of April 25, 2024.

The festivities are organized by the Municipality of Portimão, together with the Parish Councils of Portimão, Alvor and Mexilhoeira Grande, with the enthusiastic commitment of the communities involved, which mobilize hundreds of people from all age groups and sectors of society.