You can now test the New Nissan JUKE Hybrid at Carby de Faro or from Portimao

JUKE offers great performance and efficiency

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The Nissan Portas Abertas event is back at Carby de Faro and Portimão until the 28th of May. During the event, you can mark your Test Drive to the new Nissan JUKE Hybrid, an SUV that optimizes fuel consumption by up to 22%*.

The new JUKE's hybrid powertrain automatically selects the most efficient power source, between the electric motor and gasoline engine or a combination of the two. In this way, JUKE offers optimal performance and efficiency.

To reduce emissions and consumption on daily trips in the city, the hybrid JUKE works predominantly in electric mode with immediate reactivity and smoothness when pressing the accelerator.

If you are interested in the new hybrid JUKE or another vehicle in the Nissan range, Open Doors is the right event to test and discover special opportunities. Visit until May 28 at Carby or schedule your Test Drive here


About Carby

Enter a new era. JAPautomotive3 is now Carby, the new retail brand that unites all JAP Group and Entreposto Group dealers under a single banner.


*Comparison made between the Nissan JUKE N-Connecta 1.0 114hp DCT and the Nissan JUKE N-Connecta Hybrid 143hp. Nissan Juke Hybrid: Combined fuel consumption (l/100 km): 5,0-5,1; combined CO2 emissions (g/km): 114-115. The vehicle has been type-approved according to EU regulations using the most realistic WLTP test procedure. NEDC values ​​are therefore not available for this vehicle.