UAlg and In Loco organize a workshop for the creation of a sustainable tourist offer

Taking place on the 14th of April

The University of Algarve and Associação In Loco are organizing the workshop “Water Path: Solutions based on heritage and community-based cultural tourism”, which will take place on the 14th of April, and which aims to train stakeholders for the creation of a sustainable tourist offer focused on cultural and hydraulic heritage. 

The workshop takes place on Friday, April 14, at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences (Building 1, Room 2.35), on the Gambelas campus, in Faro.

In a statement, In Loco states that it intends to empower Stakeholders, «inspiring for the application of a tourist offer focused on the cultural and hydraulic heritage and supporting the development of business ideas to revitalize and enhance the cultural and hydraulic heritage existing in the region, in particular exploring the connection to landscape, heritage and cultural tourism».

The program will feature moments of sharing and reflection, along with others of a more practical nature.

The program highlights the round tables: “Landscape, Heritage, Culture and Tourism in perspective”, which have the presence of representatives of the Algarve Tourism Region, the Regional Directorate of Culture and the Municipal Museum of Faro, followed by the table “Valuing the Cultural and Hydraulic Heritage: good practices of tourist agents in the Algarve”, where public and private initiatives taking place in the region are represented, with the sharing by guests of the Research and Information Center of the Heritage of Cacela/CMVRSA, of the Faro Story Spot Good Moments, and with the expert in Ecotourism and Heritage Interpretation, Pedro Morais.

This is followed by the workshop “Changing landscapes: how to interpret the landscape we apprehend and build an itinerary and product of Cultural Tourism”, with a field trip to the Parque Ribeirinho de Faro, «promote the construction of knowledge, with a view to interpreting the landscape», says the association.

The initiative takes place within the scope of INCULTUM, a cooperation project under the Horizon programme, which is promoted in Portugal by the University of the Algarve with technical support from Associação In Loco, and which aims to promote local grassroots strategies for sustainable cultural tourism.

Registration, which is free but mandatory for logistical reasons, can be done here

This is an initiative that has the financial support of the European Union, being promoted by the Faculty of Science and Technology, by the Library and by the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of the University of Algarve, in partnership with the Associação In Loco.