Portimão marks World Portuguese Language Day with music and book presentation

on May 5th

The Manuel Teixeira Gomes Municipal Library, in Portimão, will celebrate the World Portuguese Language Day with the performance of the Chamber Ensemble of the Academy of Portimão, scheduled for May 5th, and presentation the following day of the book of poems “Casa e Logradouro” , by Aurelino Costa.

The poet, born in Argival in 1956, has a degree in Law from the University of Coimbra and practices law, having collaborated in several collective literature publications, from magazines to anthologies.

Author of the books “Poesia Solar”, “Raiz do Tempo”, “Pitões das Júnias”, “Amnio”, “Na Terra de Genoveva”, “Domingo no Corpo” and “Gadanha”, nominated for the SPA/2019 Authors Prize, in the category of Literature – Best Book of Poetry, he has also stood out as an interpreter–speaker of poetry, namely in recitals and concerts carried out all over the country.

He has a varied discography, where he says Portuguese poetry in musical partnership with maestro António Victorino D'Almeida, in addition to having been a narrator in “Miguel Cervantes & las Músicas del Quixote”, with Hespéron XXI, under the direction of Jordi Savall, without forgetting the the fact that soprano Arianna Savall recorded poems by Aurelino Costa with her voice.

According to the writer Válter Hugo Mãe, «Aurelino Costa's poetry is manual and has to do with the things of the earth. I mean, there are people, places, houses and animals that remind us of a survival without a mask or prosthesis. Everything is too real and its nostalgia only underlines how far we have moved away from what seems to be our own nature. Everything in these verses is golden. A gold that ends us. Unless poetry, for such a great utopia, saves us one day».



In the concert on the 5th of May, scheduled for 19 pm in the multipurpose room of the Municipal Library of Portimão, the Chamber Ensemble of the Academia de Música de Portimão, made up of 00th grade/8th grade students and composed of piano, transverse flute, saxophone and trumpet, will present a varied musical repertoire, will merge classical and contemporary music with the word.

Also on the 5th, an exhibition will open at 18 pm with some volumes from the collection of classics of Portuguese literature, bound in leather, by Sá da Costa, which will be on display at the Municipal Library of Portimão until the 00th of May.

The books are part of a donation from the family of Rui Pragana dos Santos to the Library, with his daughter, Maria da Conceição Pragana dos Santos, being present at the inauguration.

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