“Digital Landscapes” combine art and technology in Loulé

Exhibition presents three artists, accompanied by the Zer0 Museum as part of its Magalhães cross-border project

The exhibition “Digital Landscapes”, by David Bastos, Miguel Neto and Rui Travasso, in a co-production of the Zer0 Museum and Loulé Municipal Galleries, can be seen from today until June 3, at the art gallery of the Convent of Espírito Santo , in that city.

The exhibition features three artists, accompanied by the Zer0 Museum as part of its Magalhães cross-border project, supported by the POCTEP programme, having been one of the works carried out during the artistic residency Summer Sessions, in partnership with the Dutch art and technology center V2_.

It is the purpose of the Zer0 Museum to present, in digital art, technology always linked to the concepts of territory, landscape, traditions and heritage, which is why three of the artists who are accompanied and who are linked to these concepts are presented at the Convento de Santo António.

David Bastos, Miguel Neto and Rui Travasso thus present their creations and reinterpretations of digital landscapes.

Rui Travasso conceived his work taking advantage of the interaction of the sound of the spectators' voices, and its connection to the landscapes of the Algarve, Alentejo and Andalusia. with David Bastos creating community landscapes, triggering a participatory communion.

The artist Miguel Neto, in turn, creates landscapes as a point of inflection between two worlds, with the spectator having the possibility of observing them simultaneously: both are similar, but different at the same time.

And that point can be a world in itself.

The exhibition opens at 18 pm on Friday. It can be visited from Tuesday to Saturday, at the following times: Tuesday to Saturday, from 00:10 am to 00:13 pm and from 30:14 pm to 30:18 pm. Admission is free.