Seminar on legionella gathered 100 people in Albufeira

The closing session was attended by Hélder Martins, president of AHETA

A seminar on legionella, where «important data were presented», took place last Wednesday, March 15, at the AHETA auditorium, in Albufeira. 

The initiative brought together about a hundred representatives from hotels, social solidarity institutions, industries and municipal entities to deepen their knowledge about legionella, a bacteria present in water and which, if not treated and monitored, can be harmful to humans .

The opening session was attended by Paulo Morgado, President of the Regional Health Administration of the Algarve, who made some remarks on the subject and left a few words of recognition for the initiative, also alerting to the fact that there is a need for all stakeholders in the region to work together to avoid outbreaks of this bacteria.

The technical program began with a brief presentation of the Grundfos Pumps and on his behalf, the engineer José Azeredo, who detailed some solutions for hotel facilities and units, from hot water circulation, fire fighting, supply pressurization and water treatment , among others.

In this seminar, engineer Paulo Diegues made a brief technical overview of the potential risks that legionella poses in a water supply network, namely in a network of public baths and toilets and their monitoring and prevention methods.

Moreover, legionella and the administrative offenses of Law nº 52/2018 were the theme of the presentation by Luis Santos, from Colmonero e Associados.

Lastly, Élio Ribeiro, from Grundfos, a brand represented by Albombas, presented in detail the Chlorine Dioxide solution for combating legionella.

The closing session was attended by Hélder Martins, president of AHETA.