Parking inspection on the agenda of the next Municipal Assembly of Portimão

On the 24th of February

Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

A program-contract to be signed between the City Council and EMARP, regarding parking inspection, and procedures linked to the Municipal Budget will be on the agenda at the 1st Ordinary Session of 2023 of the Municipal Assembly (AM) of Portimão, scheduled for the day February 24th, at 21:00, in the Main Hall of the Town Hall.

According to the notice of this session of the Portimonense AM, which can be consulted by clicking here, after the citizens' intervention period there will be an appreciation of the written information presented by the mayor.

The period on the agenda will follow, with two points.

The first point provides for the discussion and voting on the Cash Flow Map for the year 2022 and the respective supplementary report, «as well as the First Modifying Amendment (revision) to the Revenue and Expenditure Budget for the year
2023 and the modifying amendment (revision) to the Major Options of the 2023-2027 Plan, through the incorporation
of the 2022 budget execution balance in the 2023 Revenue and Expenditure Budget».

Point two refers to the discussion and vote on the contract-programme to be signed between the Portimão City Council and EMARP for “instruction and decision on road administrative offense procedures for minor parking offences”.