Albufeira participates in wine tourism fair in Porto

Fair takes place at Palácio da Bolsa and at Alfândega, between the 20th and 26th of February

Albufeira travels to Porto to participate in Wine & Travel Week, which takes place at Palácio da Bolsa and at Alfândega, between the 20th and 26th of February.

The initiative aims to «disclose the offer of wine tourism, in a country that in 2021 produced more than a million and a half liters of wine».

Divided into four events integrated into a single brand (trade fair, forum, wine tourism experiences and fair “Essência do Vinho”), Wine & Travel Week is the stage to promote, market and monitor wine tourism trends in the world.

The Municipality of Albufeira will have its own space on B2B to publicize its offer and hold meetings with guest operators. In total, the Algarve has five spaces, one of which is shared by Turismo do Algarve and the CVA – Algarve Wine Commission, three to be shared by the Municipalities of Albufeira, Lagoa and Portimão and a last space for the Algarve Golden Terroir brand. (Albufeira, Lagoa, Lagos and Portimão).

José Carlos Rolo refers to the importance of the event, underlining that «gastronomy and wine are motivation for visiting several million tourists who every year choose the Algarve and Albufeira to spend their holidays».

The mayor recalls that «currently the wine tourism industry in the world has high growth rates, and it is expected that in 2025 the threshold of 100 million wine tourists will be reached, which represents an impact of 45 billion euros on the economy global".

According to the president of the RTA, the entity that supports the event, the Algarve is one of the most promising wine producing regions in the country, «because of the unique terroir, the high incidence of sun exposure and the Atlantic spice».

The region's wine sector has developed immensely over the last ten years, says João Fernandes, which is why «it is essential to take advantage of the intersection of wine and tourism, taking advantage of hotels and restaurants to sell regional production, making it known to tourists who visit the Algarve, while promoting the region as a wine tourism destination both in Portugal and abroad».

The wines from Adega do Cantor and Quinta do Canhoto are the ambassadors of Albufeira's participation in the event.