ANJE reinforces partnerships to have more affordable housing and settle young people in the Algarve

National Association of Young Entrepreneurs was visited by the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports

The bureaucracy associated with the most varied processes, which delays investment, as well as the lack of qualified resources in various areas and the need for more affordable housing, which allows young people to settle in the Algarve, were the main topics discussed at the meeting that brought together , this Monday, ANJE, the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, businessmen and the regional director of the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth.

According to ANJE, the objective is to «continue to strengthen relationships that allow young people a greater capacity to undertake and to invest in their training», establishing «an even more solid support network».

«This is another very important step towards consolidating and strengthening existing cooperation and exchange relationships with a view to pursuing joint objectives and promoting training and technological development in the Algarve business ecosystem. We want, above all, to promote an entrepreneurial spirit that facilitates, for example, support for the economic exploitation of new ideas and encourages the creation of new companies», explained Hugo Vieira, vice-president of ANJE.

Entrepreneurs Luís Caracinha, founder and director of Epopeia Records, and Rita Andrade, project manager at Rockbuilding, they gave voice to what is the great concern of most entrepreneurs: «it is necessary to be able to attract talent to the region and manage to retain it».

ANJE adds that one of its main objectives is «to boost new companies in the Algarve». «The idea is to continue to improve conditions, namely through the requalification of business reception spaces, with a view to accelerating and systematizing the process of creating companies».

For the association, «it is important that entrepreneurs can count on a reinforcement in the set of competences and specific support; offering flexible incubation spaces with controlled costs; access to mentors and investors; connection to various entities; promotion between companies and the market».

The main objective, he adds, «is to continuously improve the conditions for learning and entrepreneurship».

For this purpose, a partnership with the University of Algarve was also created about a year ago. «Already at that time, the main focus was that the support network for economic and social development would thus promote a more structured environment to support economic activity, important for the economic development of the region, stimulating an environment of trust for businessmen and entrepreneurs ».

«This union has become especially relevant, taking into account the disparities in the economic dynamics of the coastal territory and the interior territory and the weaknesses of the economic fabric», concludes ANJE.