Third volume of the Emiliano da Costa collection presented in Estoi

This Saturday, December 3rd

The third volume of the collection “Emiliano da Costa – Obra Poética – Rosairinha 1940”, by Luís Barriga, edited by Arandis Editora, will be presented this Saturday, December 3, at 16 pm, at the Headquarters of the Parish Council of Conceição Estoi .

The presentation of this volume, which has the support of the Parish Union of Conceição e Estoi, the Town Hall and the Parish Union of Tavira, is also part of the Inauguration of the Emiliano da Costa Interpretive Centre.

Augusto Emiliano da Costa was born in Tavira, on December 3, 1884, and it was in this city that he took his first steps and learned his first letters.

He lived in Beja and studied at high school. Later, he went to Coimbra, where he graduated in Medicine, in 1914. Returning to the Algarve, he came to live in Estoi, where he began to practice medicine in Rua da Igreja. In 1919, integrated into the medical-surgical party, based in Estoi, and after a long professional career, he retired in 1954. Emiliano da Costa adopted the village of Estoi as his own and remained there until his death, on the 1st of January from 1968.

The poet is part of Luís Barriga's memories, since he lived next door to his maternal grandparents' house. Although Emiliano da Costa died when he was about to turn seven, Luís says he remembers the Poet well in his wheelchair.

Still in his teens, he leafed through his books and understood very little of his poetic writing. Later, now under the guidance of Professor Amílcar Quaresma, he read and learned to like some of the author's poems.

The poet's forgetfulness began to worry him and he felt that he had to do something else, even if imperfectly, that he had to make his contribution to publicizing the Poet.

Luís Barriga also takes the opportunity to pay homage to Sidónio de Almeida, a painter from Faro who sculpted the bust of Emiliano da Costa and offered the Poet the portrait in pencil that appears on the cover.