Algarve company Timing reinforces its commitment to Lisbon

The new facilities are located at Rua Dona Estefânia

The Algarve company Timing has a new office in Lisbon and will triple the number of jobs. 

The new facilities are located at Rua Dona Estefânia.

This change «happens as a result of the increase in the team and the increase in the workflow», says Timing.

«The Lisbon delegation was the one that recorded the highest percentage growth throughout the year and that forced us to look for a significantly larger space», says Andreia Pereira, coordinator of Human Resources for this area.

The company's focus for next year «is to continue to increase the team in order to have, more and more, responsiveness and, in this way, to continue as the preferred partner of our current and future customers».

In addition, «one of the highlights on the table for 2023 is the strengthening of the position in the international market», he concludes.