Portimão gathered centenarians for lunch at the Museum

This lunch also served to end the Month of the Elderly Person

Portimão brought together, this Monday, 31 October, six of the 13 centenarians identified in the municipality in a fraternization lunch, in the descabeço room of the Portimão Museum.

The most veteran of Portimonense did not miss the party: it is a gentleman aged 104, celebrated in July, and who is married to a 96-year-old woman, also still alive.

According to the Portimão City Council, some of these centenarians “live in their own home or in the home of family members, the majority being distributed by the Support Center for the Elderly in Portimão, Aldeia de S. José de Alcalar, Lar Esperança and Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Alvor ».

«After lunch, which featured live musical entertainment, a cake was shared and congratulations were sung, followed by the offering of gifts for each centenary, along with a bouquet of flowers, which will also be delivered later to the homes and homes of who did not have the opportunity to be present», the municipality said.

On the occasion, the mayor of Portimão expressed that it was “a happiness for us to be able to honor these people, who worked hard to make this land what it is today and to whom we owe so much”.

According to Isilda Gomes, «this initiative also represents a sign of deep respect and affection, serving to say how much we recognize your contribution and that we would like to reach your age, in the way you are».

This lunch also served to end the Month of the Elderly Person.