Álvaro de Campos Birthday Party ends with theater, photography and poetry

Initiatives end on Wednesday, November 30

São José Lapa, Valerie Braddell, Inês Lapa Lopes and Alberto Lopes will attend the Álvaro de Campos Birthday Party with the presentation of the show “I don't know what tomorrow will bring”, this Sunday, November 27, at 18:30 pm, in the Chapel of Pousada do Convento da Graça (Tavira), with free admission. 

This is one of the initiatives that marks the last week of the Party organized by the Associação Partilha Alternativa to celebrate the heteronym that Pessoa gave birth in Tavira.

Before the static drama “O Marinheiro”, by Fernando Pessoa, takes the stage, the program will feature the already traditional poetic-musical lunch this Saturday, 26, at Espaço Cultural Leão da Serra, in Brasília, which will be broadcast live on Party's Facebook page so everyone can participate.

Finally, next Wednesday, the 30th, several of the initiatives that have accompanied this year's celebrations come to an end.

At Casa das Artes de Tavira, it will be possible to visit the collective exhibition of the students of the Dr. Jorge Augusto Correia who, guided by their teachers, worked on poems and texts by Fernando Pessoa, Álvaro de Campos, José Saramago, and texts created by the teachers based on Pessoa's concepts.

“O Relógio da Alma”, a photography exhibition by Ana Carvalho inspired by quotes from the Book of Disquiet, takes leave of Casa Álvaro de Campos on that same day.

At Casa Fotografia Andrade, it is also possible to watch “Tavira where I was young”, an exhibition that brings together a selection of photographs from the Andrade Family collection and that shows images from the first decades of the XNUMXth century.

Also until Wednesday it will be possible to find poems written in chalk on slates scattered around the entrances of various establishments and shops.

Already in balance, Tela Leão, from the Associação Partilha Alternativa, said that participation in the Festa «has been increasing over the years» and that, this year, many people learned of its existence, not only in Tavira, but also in Lisbon, Brazil, Japan, Spain and Scotland.


Leão Screen at Casa Álvaro de Campos


«We had the support of DGArtes, which allowed us to invite these artists from outside, who certainly enriched the Festival and helped to make it better known», he tells the Sul Informação. 

In addition, Tela highlights the increased participation of students from the Schools of Tavira in the program, something that he believes will last longer than the Festival lasts.

For the organizer, the performance of the 9th grade students presented on the 24th at Casa das Artes was «one of the most exciting moments, due to the seriousness charged with feelings in this poetic musical reading of verses by Fernando Pessoa».

Even so, in general, Tela considers that «the whole program, all the local participations, or not, were loaded with those human emotions» that «made things great».

The celebrations of the Álvaro de Campos Birthday Party took place this year between the 15th of October and the 30th of November.