Vila do Bispo presents an action plan for gender equality and non-discrimination

Next Monday, October 24th

The Vila do Bispo City Council will present the Action Plan for Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination on the 24th of October, at 15:30, in the auditorium of the Cultural Centre.

The action, which takes place within the scope of the celebrations of the Municipal Day for Equality, will be attended by Rute Silva, president of the municipality.

"Raising society's awareness of the importance of issues related to equality, non-discrimination and the elimination of stereotypes in the process of local development are some of the objectives of this plan", the note reads.

With the implementation of this plan, the municipality of Vila do Bispo believes that it will take another step towards building a more egalitarian community.

Before this initiative, at 14:00 pm, the LGBTQIA+ flag will be hoisted in the City Hall, followed by the performance of the Clube da Batucada.

The 3rd Gala XIS is also part of the program of these celebrations, scheduled for Friday, the 21st, which will take place at the Multipurpose Pavilion in Sagres.