Casa do Povo de Santo Estêvão “opens” Autumn Cycle in the Village with Aline Frazão

This Saturday, October 29, at 22 pm

The Autumn Programming Cycle at Casa do Povo de Santo Estêvão starts this Saturday, October 29, at 22 pm, with a concert by Aline Frazão. 

Aline Frazão, born in 1988, is one of the big names of the new generation of Angolan musicians. Singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer, she was born and raised in Luanda and currently lives in Germany. In addition to the four original albums edited, the singer was part of the panel of columnists of the newspaper Rede Angola for two years.

In 2011, he released his debut album, “Clave Bantu”, an album composed of an authorial repertoire recorded in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, with musicians José Manuel Díaz and Carlos Freire. It also has two new partnerships with Angolan writers José Eduardo Agualusa and Ondjaki.

“Movimento”, released in 2013, is his second album, in which he signs the musical production. This time, in addition to the authorial songs, as the theme “Tanto” is acclaimed, it gives music to poems by Alda Lara and Carlos Ferreira. It was with “Movimento” that he began touring stages in various parts of the world, in Europe, Brazil, Angola and other African countries, either solo or with his band.

In 2015, Aline Frazão edited “Insular”, her third album of originals. Recorded on the small Scottish island of Jura, “Insular” has the production of the British Giles Perring and the decisive participation of the Portuguese guitarist Pedro Geraldes (Linda Martini). “Insular” presents new partnerships, with the Angolan poet Ana Paula Tavares, with the Portuguese rapper Capicua, as well as a version of “Susana”, by Rosita Palma, with the special participation of Toty Sa'Med.

Published in September 2018, “Dentro da Chuva” was recorded in the city of Rio de Janeiro and features the singer’s musical production again. The album, in a minimalist format, mostly voice and guitar, features the Brazilian cellist Jaques Morelenbaum and the Portuguese guitarist and composer João Pires. It also features a duet with the Bahian singer and songwriter Luedji Luna in “Kapiapia”, a remarkable text by Ruy Duarte de Carvalho. In addition to her own songs, Aline also sings “Ces Petits Riens”, by Serge Gainsbourg, and “Peit Ta Segura”, by Cape Verdean composer Danilo Lopes da Silva.

In 2020, the singer made her film debut with the original soundtrack of “Ar-Condicionado”, a fictional feature film produced by Geração 80 and directed by Fradique, which had its premiere at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam. In the literary field, she is invited by Revista Granta to publish the short story “Lucinda” in its November edition and also by APAV in the book that marks the 30th anniversary of the Association. Also in 2020, she releases on November 11 (Angola Independence Day) the song and video “Luz Foi”.

In June 2021, she was invited to join the cast of the new show by Italian director/author/director Pippo Delbono, “Amore”. The play premiered at Teatro Storchi (Modena / Italy) on October 28, 2021, with a world tour already scheduled for 2022/23.

Also in 2021, he marked 10 years of his career with a streaming show that recreated “Clave Bantu” with the musicians from the original recording of the album from the Santiago de Compostela studio and a show at the Festa do Avante!.