Farol de Alfanzina has been illuminating the coast for a hundred years and now there is an exhibition

The exhibition has free admission, at the Convento de S. José

The commemorative exhibition of the Centenary of the Farol of Alfanzina (1920 – 2020), entitled “Farol of Alfanzina – A Century to Light the Coast”, will be on display in the Temporary Exhibition Room “Manuel Gamboa”, at the Convento de S. José Cultural Center, in Lagoa, between the 7th of September and the 5th of December.

On December 1, 1920, the farol Cape Carvoeiro do Algarve. Designed from 1913 onwards, construction began six years later. Today, under the name of the exact location of its implantation, Alfanzina, after a century and countless improvement and modernization works, continues the mission of guiding beacon of maritime navigation along the south coast of the region.

The anniversary of its centenary, which took place in 2020, was worthy of a commemorative program organized by the Municipality of Lagoa and the Socio-Professional Association of Faroleiros – “Centenary of the farol of Alfanzina (1920-2020)”.

The celebrations, postponed due to the pandemic, extended to the following years, resulting in a diverse set of entertainment and cultural mediation actions.

The present exhibition, which stems from that program, traces a journey through the 100 years of the farol of Alfanzina, being equally demonstrative of the functional and historical importance of the lighthouses and of the profession of faroread.

It exhibits an important collection, from the documentation that narrates the “centennial life” of the Farol to the devices and utensils used in the activity originating from the Farol, of personal and institutional collections and of the Museological Nucleus of the Directorate of Lighthouses.

It has free admission and can be seen at the Convento de S. José, in Lagoa, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 09:30 am to 12:30 pm and/or from 14:00 pm to 17:30 pm.

The exposure "Farol de Alfanzina – A Century to Light the Coast” will be inaugurated on the 7th of September, at 18:30.