Lagos advances with a new stage in the requalification of Ponta da Piedade

New phase of intervention will advance

The project and the opening of a tender for the execution of a new contract within the scope of the requalification and enhancement of the stretch of coast between the Farol of Ponta da Piedade and Praia do Pinhão were approved at the last meeting of the Lagos Chamber.

The work is part of an application approved by CRESC Algarve 2020, being co-financed by FEDER.

The municipality of Lagos announced that it will proceed with a new contract to «continue the process of requalification and enhancement of Ponta da Piedade».

Provided for in the overall draft, this second intervention component provides for “the redevelopment of the road network and parking areas, the landscaping of spaces, public lighting and the continuation of walkways with viewpoints upstream and downstream of the section currently in progress, or that is, between Praia D. Ana and Praia do Pinhão, as well as in the area surrounding the Farol of Ponta da Piedade».

Within the scope of this contract, “the access staircase to the boarding area for sightseeing tours of the Ponta da Piedade caves and the access to the Pinhão beach will also be refurbished, in the latter case with the installation of a wooden staircase”.

With regard to car circulation and parking, the project foresees that access to the final part of Estrada da Ponta da Piedade will be allowed only for the service of the Farol, fueling and emergency situations, «alternatively creating two new car parks located further back and eliminating the pockets currently in use».

The first car park, with a capacity for 56 light vehicles, will be located on the left side of the intersection towards Praia do Camilo, transforming the current access to Camilo into a conditioned access road that will end in a new viewpoint.

The second park, which will rise a few meters ahead, on the right side, after the current intersection, will have a capacity for 150 light vehicles and 10 tourist buses.

The road itself will have a new profile, with two lanes, a cycle path and a side walk for pedestrians, which, in some sections, will be shared.

This information was first made available to Organs political bodies of the municipality and, secondly, in a public session to present the project held on the 9th of July.

«The requalification and renaturation of this emblematic, but sensitive area of ​​the municipality's territory, was thought of in global terms according to a preliminary project that was approved by the competent authorities, but, given the complexity of the process, which involved a legal and administrative mechanism of recognition of public interest and the acquisition of land by the municipality, it was necessary to stage the elaboration of the execution projects and the physical intervention itself», explains the Lagos Chamber.

«Preserving the environmental, natural and global landscape uniqueness of this part of the territory, implementing a set of solutions that also respond to the safety and comfort issues of users is the main objective of this municipal intervention», he adds.

The 1st phase of the requalification of Ponta da Piedade, carried out on the stretch of coast between Canavial and Farol da Ponta da Piedade, was completed in 2018, «recording, since then, significant demand and use by residents and visitors».

The 2nd phase, between the Farol of Ponta da Piedade and Praia do Pinhão, is divided into three components, and the contract for component 1 is currently being executed, corresponding to the construction of the walkways which, although already visible on site and partially completed, are not yet completed.

In addition to the works included in component 2, whose project and the opening of a contract have now been approved, the Requalification of Ponta da Piedade includes a 3rd and final component that corresponds to the redefinition of the area of ​​economic activities currently located next to the Farol, providing for its concentration in a single point, together with sanitary facilities and other support services.

The execution/installation of a tribute to Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen is also planned, which will be developed in an autonomous process.