It is now possible to park on all floors of the Olhos de Água Park

Park consists of four floors with a capacity for 305 seats

The Olhos de Água car park is now fully open to the public, since this Friday, July 1st.

The reopening of two more floors took place after the visit of the Mayor of Albufeira.

Located on Rua 25 de Abril, next to the descent to the beach, this park consists of four floors with a capacity for 305 parking spaces. The property was acquired in 2019 by the Municipality and the target of several interventions. In June 2020, floors -3 and -4 reopened. Now, floors -5 and -6 are also available, doubling the offer of free parking and access to the beach.

«It is about responding to the demand, during the summer, for parking by tourists, in the sense that holidays in our county are a truly pleasant experience, without constraints. This situation has been on our horizons for a long time, to prevent those who go to the beach in Albufeira from walking too far to reach the beach, leaving the vehicle in the sun", said José Carlos Rolo, referring that it will also allow "another comfort to traders and residents of this area of ​​Olhos d'Água».

The park is open from 8 am to 00 am until September 2th. Afterwards, the hours will be from 00:30 to 8:00.