José Carlos Barros participated in “Loose Conversations on an Improbable Stage” in Castro Marim

Author won the LeYa Prize 2021 with the novel “The Invisible People”

The writer José Carlos Barros was the guest of the “Loose Conversations on an Improbable Stage” last Friday, June 3, at Revelim de Santo António, in Castro Marim. 

to the author, who won the 2021 LeYa Prize with the novel “As Pessoas Invisíveis”, joined by some friends who accompany him in the life and journey that inspired the work presented: Luís Gomes, Carlos Barros and Carlos Lance.

«Among the intricacies of a history that revisits one of the most tragic moments in Portuguese colonial history, there was the motto for reflection on a profound inability of power to look at “invisible people”», says the Chamber of Castro Marim.

«The happy coincidence of this being the day on which the Assembly of the Republic unanimously approved a vote of greeting for the centenary of the birth of landscape architect Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles (who died in 2020 and who inspired José Carlos Barros in his professional career, was also underlined). landscape architect by training) and the same in which he recognized the LeYa Prize in question», he adds.

José Carlos Barros was born in Boticas in 1963, but lives in Cacela. He was vice-president of the Vila Real de Santo António City Council and also a deputy in the Assembly of the Republic (2015-2019). He is the author of several books of poetry, having twice won the National Poetry Prize Sebastião da Gama, and of two previous novels – “O Prazer e o Tédio” and “Um Amigo para o Verão”.