Uzzy and Julinho KSD fill the Wonderland venue, today the Tunas perform

Sul Informação have tickets to offer

Uzzy and Julinho KSD took to the Wonderland stage this Wednesday, May 4th. It was another night of Academic Week marked by euphoria.

Inside the venue, the night began with a performance by Uzzy and his special guests.

Then, with a “Sentimento safari”, Julinho KSD took the stage, greeted by much applause. In the end, there was the right to a group photo.

Today, The Route takes the stage, on the RUA Stage, while the University of Algarve's tunas perform at the venue: Ismatuna, Versus Tuna, Tunabebes, Real Tuna Infantina and Feminis Ferventis.

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Photos: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação