HOLIDAYS: Win tickets for the last day of Academic Week

The great celebration of Algarve students ends today

O Sul Informação has to offer two (2) individual tickets for the concerts that take place today, May 7, in Academic Week, in Faro.

To win one of these tickets, you must be one of the first to correctly answer the following question:

What is Plutonio's full name?

PLEASE NOTE: All tickets have already been assigned.

Send us your answer to [email protected], also indicating your name, ID number or Citizen Card, telephone contact and place of residence.

To collect the tickets, you must present, at the Academic Week Secretariat, your Citizen Card or Identity Card.

O Sul Informação is media partner of the event and offered, throughout the week, tickets for the Academic Week, in partnership with the Academic Association of the University of Algarve, which organizes the SA.

The great celebration of Algarve students ends today.