Monchique Firefighters already have a new Urban Fire Fighting Vehicle

Vehicle was paid for by the Monchique Chamber

The Volunteer Firefighters of Monchique already have a new Urban Fire Fighting Vehicle, announced this Algarve mountain municipality.

«This vehicle, in Renault D14 4×4 CCR chassis, with a body made entirely of aluminum, has a vast and complete set of equipment. With an installed capacity of 2000 liters of water and 100 liters of foam, it incorporates a Godiva P2AS+3010 pump», announced the municipality.

The vehicle cost 229.892,80 euros and was paid in full by the Municipality of Monchique, «with this executive being responsible for paying the 2nd and last tranche of the value of this equipment».

According to the Municipality of Monchiquense, the vehicle "comes to reinforce the objective of developing a structural response in the prevention and combat of rural fires with a lasting impact in terms of sustainability and territorial cohesion".