Penalty in discounts dictates Farense's home defeat against Chaves

Robson was sent off for words directed at the referee

Photos: @jessicasantanaphoto

A goal in the conversion of a penalty, already in added time, dictated, this Saturday, a home defeat of Farense against Desportivo de Chaves, by 1-2. Vasco Faísca's team started to lose, reached the draw with one less, but ended up losing the match.

The start of the match was intense and Chaves was the first team to create danger. In the 4th minute, João Mendes, after a good move, shot the crossbar of Ricardo Velho's goal.

However, Farense responded right away and with great danger, at 6′, Elves Baldé, released, headed alongside Paulo Vítor's goal and, in the next minute, it was the Flavian goalkeeper who denied the goal to Jonatan Lucca, after long shot from the Brazilian midfielder.

In the 19th minute, the first goal of the game came. After a cross, Farense's defense eased the ball to the edge of the area and Wellington Carvalho shot hard, with no chance for Ricardo Velho.

In the first-half added time, Madi Queta isolated himself, but Paulo Vítor left the goal well and avoided the tie.

Farense returned from the locker rooms to put pressure on Chaves, but, in the 57th minute, suffered a setback, when Róbson saw red for words addressed to the referee.

Even so, the Algarve's greatest ascendant materialized in the 63rd minute, from the 11-meter mark. Mayambela was brought down in the area by Alexsandro and Cristian Ponde, called for the conversion of the penalty, made the equalizer.

In the 79′ minute, Ricardo Velho “saved” Farense by denying the goal to Juninho Vieira, with a good stretch and, in the 82′, it was Paulo Vítor who kept his goal inviolate, when Miguel Bandarra tried to surprise the Flaviense goalkeeper in the kick of a free.

Chaves' winning goal came in added time, also from a penalty. Patrick fell in the area and the referee considered that there was a foul by Cláudio Falcão. In the conversion of punishment, João Batxi made the final result.

With this victory, Chaves climbs to the first place of the II Liga and has already guaranteed, at least, that it will play in the play-off of promotion.

Farense, with the maintenance already assured, is in the 11th position of the table, with 40 points.