Timing is training 1000 new hotel workers in the Algarve and Lisbon

Trainings take place in partnership with prestigious hotels

Timing, a human resources company from the Algarve, started training courses, theoretical and practical, for Floor and Waitresses (M/F), with the aim of training around 1000 people, between the Algarve and Lisbon.

The training courses, in partnership with prestigious hotels, have already started and will continue during the months of March and April.

Classes are composed of a theoretical part and a practical part, and are given in the facilities of partner hotels. The practical part will be we job with a specialist trainer in the field.

«In order to train as many people with little or no experience as possible, the training plan will be adapted to the standards of each hotel unit, in order to create an advantage in recruitment», explains the company.

Timing adds that “the people trained in each hotel have the possibility to stay and work in the respective hotel right away”.

During the confinement, the company bet on training Online, which reached more than 15 thousand trainees, in order to attract people who have never worked in the hospitality sector, as well as to renew the knowledge of those who already work in this area.

The main objective now «is to show that it is interesting to work in a hotel and that it is even more so when we know how to do our job».

«The charm and glow that there was with the hotel industry changed a little with the pandemic and we want to contribute to rejuvenation. This is because, by training people who have no experience in the hospitality industry, we help them to enter this area with more professionals», says Ricardo Mariano, CEO of Timing.

«Considering that Portugal is an attractive destination and that we are known for welcoming guests», Mariano highlights that «it is important to provide an excellent service, which results in a better experience for the tourist who visits us».

Timing says it wants to «influence a period of economic recovery, so important for the country, especially at the current moment».