If your car is dirty with dust...it's Célia's fault

Changing the color of the sky, health effects, dirt on cars are the most visible consequences

Satellite image (Dust RGB product) – Location of maximum dust concentration (see detailed explanation below)

There are dusts that are being transported over the mainland of Portugal «due to a southerly flow induced by the Celia depression. The suspended dust, coming from North Africa, reached the Iberian Peninsula and is expected to persist until the end of the 17th, Thursday”.

The explanation has just been provided by the Portuguese Institute for the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA), after complaints, from North to South of the country, that there is dust in the air, with visible effects on the dirt of cars and on the health of those who suffer from breathing problems.

The IPMA adds that “the most visible effects are the change in the color of the sky, as the dust is normally above the surface, although depending on its concentration it can reach lower levels, with implications for air quality and possible health impacts” .

«It is also possible for dust to be deposited through precipitation, this situation is more likely in the southern region on March 15th and 16th», that is, today and tomorrow.

What can be seen in the figure that illustrates this article? This is a satellite image, Dust RGB product, with the location of the maximum concentration of dust in the areas identified by the very accentuated pink/magenta color, that is, more evident in the North and Center regions of the mainland, France and Algeria. The dark red areas represent medium and high cloud cover also over Portugal.