A “Credo” to see and think about

Tickets cost 8 euros and are already on sale

Photo: Filipe Farinha

There are many creeds, but the one scheduled for this Friday, January 21, at 21:00 pm, at Cineteatro Louletano, is special. On stage, there will be three women, «merged in one body», despite their different personalities. The show will only have dance, but promises to leave an «inner text» to reflect on.

“Credo” – the name of this piece – is a milestone for ArQuente which has been, in recent days, in multiple rehearsals at the Cineteatro de Loulé.

This will be the first time that the association has a dance-only show.

Ao Sul Informação, in one of the pauses of these rehearsals, the actress Fúlvia Almeida summarizes what can be expected from this “Credo”: «our body will speak for us».

On stage, in addition to Fúlvia, will also be actress Teresa Silva and Carolina Cantinho, a professional dancer with extensive experience in the area.

«This whole challenge has been very fun, especially for me and Teresa, who had not been through dancing as a profession. We went from the requirement to memorize text, to decorate movement», jokes Fúlvia Almeida.

Beliefs are the starting point of this show for which two artistic residencies were made, in October and November, at Palácio Gama Lobo, in Loulé.

The play, which will be accompanied by the soundtrack of the horror film Suspiria, from 2018 (by Thom Yorke, from the band Radiohead), «has a lot to do with our beliefs, what we believe in, and how that influences our personality as well. We there, on stage, are three characters who could be just one», says Fúlvia Almeida.


Luís Marrafa – Photo: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação


Luís Marrafa is the choreographer. The co-founder of the dance company MARRAFA company and the dance studio StairCase.studio, in Brussels, traveled from Belgium, at the invitation of ArQuente, and says that creating this “Credo” has “been a fantastic challenge”.

«Usually, as a professional dancer, I very rarely work with people who don't know how to dance, but with Fúlvia and Teresa it went very well», he says.

«Addressing a topic as sensitive as beliefs is always difficult, but we managed to grasp some stimuli and they always gave their best. The starting point was belief and I immediately connected to religion. Then came the transcendent, God, the Devil, the angels and I associated everything», he explains.

For actress Fúlvia Almeida, expectations for this premiere «are high».

«We would like, who knows, to take this play to other countries, because it has all the ingredients for that, like the fact that we have a smaller cast», he adds.

Moreover, 2022 is a year that is expected to be «full of new projects» for ArQuente.

“A lot is coming and we are trying to think differently, in long-term projects. I hope it will be a good year and that the pandemic will let us work”, he concludes.

For now, anyone who wants to see this “Credo”, which has the support of the Loulé and Faro and the Ministry of Culture, you can buy tickets here The price is 8 euros.