ArQuente presents “Credo” show at Cineteatro Louletano

Premiere is scheduled for January 21 at 21:00

“Credo”, a new creation by ArQuente, brings together three performers on stage, «a dancer and two performers» who «question and challenge their beliefs», in a show that is scheduled to premiere this Friday, January 21, at 21 pm, at Cineteatro Louletano, in Loulé.

On stage will be Carolina Cantinho, Fúlvia Almeida and Teresa Silva who, in a continuous movement, reveal their «unusual characters, made up of multiple personalities, merged in one body».

Prepared over three artistic residencies, which took place between October and January at Palácio Gama Lobo, in Loulé, it was co-produced by Cineteatro Louletano and Teatro das Figuras.

The show “CREDO” rehearses «a response to the phenomenon of belief, in which religious issues and social habits converge in the establishment of personal notions of the transcendent», explains Luís Marrafa, artistic director of the play.

Supported by the soundtrack of the horror film Suspira, from 2018, and the life experience of the three performers, “CREDO” reveals that «the modes and structures of belief, faith or miracle underlie a choreography that investigates, in the expression of bodies, the nature of this singular feeling that transforms the improbable into something absolutely true», highlights the artistic director.

ArQuente mentions that «it has been a great pleasure to work with Luís Marrafa. We've been wanting to bring him from Brussels, where he has his own dance company, to work with us for a long time.”

«The theme arose from the need to question a system of beliefs that shapes and conditions us, but which simultaneously outlines our personality and individualizes us», highlights the association.

The choreography will also be presented, as an open rehearsal, to secondary school students in Loulé, on January 20, at 14:30 pm.

The show, which lasts approximately 50 minutes and is suitable for people over 12 years of age, has the support of the Loulé and Faro, as well as the Ministry of Culture.

Tickets cost eight euros and can be purchased at Cineteatro Louletano or at online ticket offices.