Find out who are the candidates for «Word of the Year 2021»…and vote

Online voting until December 31st

There is a list of ten words, created from people's proposals and research done in the Portuguese Language Dictionary, which are final candidates for the choice of “Word of the Year 2021”.

Bazooka, cryptocurrency, resilience, moratorium, podcast, blackout, mobility, budget, telework and vaccine are the ten words that make up the list.

The vote must be made online until midnight of December 24st, being the winner known «in the first days of January», according to Porto Editora, which launched this initiative in 2009, when the chosen one was “scrutinizing”. In 2020, the word chosen by the Portuguese was «saudade».

To create the list of words in the competition, it also included the «permanent work of observation and monitoring of the reality of the Portuguese language», explains that editor, in a press release.

The list includes "blackout“, a choice justified by the «period [this year] in which millions of users were left without access to the main social networks, with social and economic impact worldwide».

Also a candidate is “bazooka“, term used by Prime Minister António Costa to designate the European aid package aimed at “fostering the recovery of the economy, following the pandemic”.

"Criptomoeda” is the third candidate word. According to Porto Editora, "encrypted virtual currencies are multiplying and growing in popularity and value, which has led several countries to study [their] regulatory mechanisms".

It follows "mobility“since «the worsening of car traffic (especially in urban centers) and the concern with the sustainability and accessibility of transport have given rise to multiple debates on mobility».

The list below shows “moratorium“as “created by the government in March 2020, credit moratoria have helped many families and businesses affected by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic”.

"Get a quote” is another candidate, since “the rejection of the State budget proposal for 2022 in Parliament led the President of the Republic to dissolve the Assembly, calling early elections”.

In alphabetical order, the list also includes "Podcast", which «gained popularity among the Portuguese and the new contents disseminated in this format have multiplied».

From the batch of finalists, it also counts "Resilience“. «The impact of the pandemic on health, economy and well-being, together with the successive measures taken in its fight, put the resilience of the Portuguese to the test», justifies the publisher.

The list continues with “telecommuting”: «traditionally associated with companies in the technology sector, telework was crucial to ensure the continuity of various economic activities in the pandemic context».

Finally, the list includes “vacina”: «developed in record time, vaccines have become the greatest weapon against COVID-19 and Portugal is one of the world leaders in its inoculation».