Lagos Cultural Center welcomes Salvador Sobral, Eunice Muñoz and Captain Fausto

In 2022, the Centro Cultural de Lagos celebrates 30 years

Salvador Sobral, Eunice Muñoz, Captain Fausto and Joaquim Monchique. These are just some of the names that will pass, in the months of January, February and March, on the stage of the Centro Cultural de Lagos. 

In 2022, the Centro Cultural de Lagos celebrates its 30th anniversary «and, as such, the program being prepared for next year will be special», says the City Council.

In January, there will be “Contrastes e Affinidades” by the Orquestra Clássica do Sul (the 27th) and the “bpm” by Salvador Sobral (the 28th), as part of the celebrations of the 449th anniversary of the Elevation of Lagos to Cidade.

February will be dedicated to theatre, with the Portuguese-style magazine “Volt'a Portugal em Revista” (5th), with António Calvário and Natalina José at the front of the cast, and the play “Perfeitos Desnhados” (12th), great success of stage by Paolo Genovese whose cast includes Ana Guiomar, Cláudia Semedo, Filipe Vargas, Jorge Mourato, Martinho Silva, Samuel Alves and Rita Brutt.

March will start with the long-awaited play “A Margem do Tempo”, with Eunice and Lídia Muñoz (day 2), which brings together a grandmother and granddaughter on stage, and the show by Capitão Fausto, from the tour “Com Licensing 2022”.

They are also part of the March program “A Noite da Dona Luciana” (12th), a comedy by Teatro do Eléctrico, and the play “Paranormal 2021”, by Miguel Falabella, with Joaquim Monchique playing 16 different characters.

The Lagos Cultural Center will also host the play “Diferente-Mente”, by Questão Repetida (January 15th), and the show “VÄRA” by cama ac (January 22nd).

Art will also take place, with the inauguration of the exhibition “LocalARTE – Contemporary Art Project by Artists from Lagos”, an initiative to promote the works of the local artistic community (patent between January 29 and March 19) and the collective exhibition “Contested Desires”, by LAC – Laboratory of Creative Activities (patent between 1 and 26 February).

Accustomed to promoting various activities for the whole family, the Municipal Library of Lagos will also have a first quarter with book presentations, workshops, debates, reading sessions, among other initiatives.

The program includes “Uma Biblioteca Ilustrada”, with illustrator Danuta Wojciechowska (February 12th), “Women's Library”, with writers Rita Ferro, Inês Pedrosa and Patrícia Reis and journalist Fernanda Almeida (March 5th), “Women do Sul, Palavras e Canções", with the artists Adriana Queiroz, Felipe Caneca and Luanda Cozetti (10 March) and the workshop "Aumente-se-se" with SIC journalist Pedro Andersson, author of the section "Saving Accounts " (March 18th).

To see the full schedule for the quarter, click here