EMYA 2022 jury met in Portimão to choose the European museums to award

Museu de Portimão is “the home” of the European Museum of the Year Award

The Museum of Portimão hosted, on 20 and 21 November, a face-to-face meeting of members from 12 countries that make up the European jury of the EMYA – European Museum of the Year Award 2022 (European Museum of the Year Award), for discussion and approval of the museums to be distinguished next year with this prestigious award.

During the working meeting, only possible following the improvement of sanitary conditions related to Covid-19, the judges analyzed which museological structures were worthy of the EMYA 2022, after the technical visit to the 60 candidate museums, having deliberated on the prizes to be awarded at the ceremony scheduled for next May and which will take place in one of the previously distinguished European museums, to be named shortly.

The following members of the jury were present in Portimão: Marlen Mouliou (Greece), Adriana Munoz (Sweden), Afsin Altayli (France), Agnes Aljas (Estonia), Atle Faye (Norway), Amina Krvavac (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Bernadette Lynch (United Kingdom), Christophe Dufour (Switzerland), Dina Sorokina (Russia), José Gameiro (Portugal), Mark O'Neill (United Kingdom), Metka Fujs (Slovenia) and Michael Ryan (Ireland), who were joined by the president of the EMF – European Museum Forum, Jette Sandahl, and Senator Roberto Rampi, vice-president of the Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media of the Council of Europe.

EMYA was founded in 1977 with the aim of recognizing, encouraging, rewarding and demonstrating excellence and innovation in the field of museums, particularly with regard to public quality and social responsibility. In 2010 the Museu de Portimão was awarded the Museu Conselho Award from Europe which, together with the European Museum of the Year Award, constitute the two main categories of museological distinctions.

This important distinction in the European context aims to highlight the articulation and interpretation in museums, with regard to their social territory and citizenship, democracy, human rights, tolerance and intercultural dialogue, uniting cultures and overcoming social borders and political barriers.

Following the partnership agreement between the Municipality of Portimão and the EMF, signed on July 11, 2018, the Portimão Museum was designated as “the home” of the European Museum of the Year Award, receiving documentation from then on. applications from the various museums representing the 47 countries that make up the Council of Europe.

In addition to the two main distinctions, the European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA) and the Council of Europe Museum Award (CoE), there are a further five categories of awards, with a new distinction created in 2019, called the “Portimão Museum Award”, which is intended for the European museum considered to be the most welcoming and accessible.