Farense debuts to win in the II League with a triumph against Trofense

Mica and Pedro Henrique scored the goals

Photo: Nelson Santos Ferreira

Farense achieved the first victory of the season in the II Football League, with the 2-0 victory achieved this Saturday, 13 October, against Trofense, at Estádio S. Luís. This was a delayed game for the 8th round.

On returning to Faro Rui Duarte, former player and coach of the Algarve, was the foreign team to come in better. Trofense started the game with pressure, with more ball and closer to Ricardo Velho's goal.

Despite this, the first opportunity went to Farense. Pedro Henrique, starting lineup in front of attack, shot with danger, from outside the area, in the 18th minute.

At 26′, it was Bruno Almeida who had a good chance for Trofense, after a bad cut by Robson, but his shot went close to the post.

The rest of the first part was guided by balance: both the team from Faro, like Trofa had opportunities, but were unable to score.

In the second half, Farense started better and could have scored in the 49, had it not been for Keffel's cut over the goal line, after Mancha's header.

Trofense was also showing off its grace: on 52′, Achouri risked a shot from outside the area, but the ball went wide.

Then, in the 76th minute, there was magic at the Estádio de S. Luís. Mica scored a great goal, with a shot that was good for the goalkeeper of Trofense.

Farense advanced on the scoreboard, the so desired first victory in the II League was practically sentenced to the 83rd minute. Pedro Henrique, with a penalty, sealed the final result in 2-0.

With this victory, the Algarvians add 10 points and are in 15th place, above the waterline.