A «hotel for the millennial generation» in the heart of Portimão

The building's exterior remodeling project is still under consideration at the Chamber

Repositioning the former Globo as a «hotel for the generation of millennials» and « frankly assume as a city hotel ». This is the new positioning of this hotel that has marked the historic center of Portimão for decades, in the words of Joaquim Luiz Gomes, administrator of Carthage Hotels, an entity that operates what is now called «WHE – Work, Holiday & Enjoy», officially inaugurated on Tuesday Tuesday, the 28th of September.

After the interior was (almost) completely remodeled, with the hotel reopening its doors in mid-July, an update of the exterior is now planned. An architect from the Sidney Quintela studio, responsible for the remodeling project, explained that the “originality of the building will be maintained, but bringing new textures”. One of the big news is that the WHE Hotel will have a rooftop from which you can have a breathtaking view over the Arade estuary, its bridges and the sea, as well as over the historic center of Portimão and the riverside area.

Isilda Gomes, mayor of Portimão, present at the inauguration, guaranteed that it was the municipality's intention to «energize the history of the city centre», so «the hotel will benefit from it».

As for the remodeling of the exterior of the emblematic building, the mayor stressed that «the project is still under consideration» by the municipal services.

With the inauguration taking place in the room on the top floor, where a bar and restaurants operated for decades, Isilda Gomes commented, pointing to the windows: "there is one thing that nobody can take away from you: the view from this hotel, which is unique!" .

The mayor, who had been re-elected for her third and final term two days earlier, thanked the fact that the inauguration took place after the Municipal Elections, "so that no one would accuse me of campaigning".

Starting from the example of the WHE Hotel and its owners, Isilda Gomes expressed her satisfaction with the fact that, «in this moment of pandemic, we already have people wanting to invest in the city and in the municipality. And it's not just the case of this hotel, we already have contact with other investors».

This, in the opinion of the mayor, means that «Portimão is a good city to live in and good to invest».

He promised that his Chamber will roll out “a green carpet of hope for businessmen, obviously within the rules. We cannot make entrepreneurs wait months to get an answer».


A 3-star hotel in the heart of the city

The WHE opened in July 2021. It was renovated in the midst of a pandemic, in a context of confinement. It is experiencing a very high demand, with an impact on the local economy. Portimão once again offered accommodation in the city center, prepared for leisure and business travellers.

With a strong focus on technology and functionality, it has 66 rooms, equipped with smart tvs, access to channels from around the world with connection chromecast, and quick connection Wireless throughout the hotel.

Check-in is done contactless and online, through an application in smartphone. The breakfast room offers a unique panoramic view of the mouth of the River Arade and the historic area of ​​Portimão.

The hotel's renovation focused on maintaining the building's original design, due to the symbolism and historical presence it has in the city. The presence of new textures in wood and glass seek to bring a new identity to the hotel, without losing its originality.

The interior remodeling project bets on a casual contemporary style, with furniture and decoration that mix the classic Provençal with the minimalist and the inclusion of biophilia to make the environments more comfortable and welcoming.