Ria Formosa: Traffickers throw bales of hash overboard to escape

Authorities collected the drug loads to avoid danger to navigation and that they fall into the hands of others

Archive photo

Thirty bales of hash, with a total weight of 1125 kilos, were seized this Friday afternoon, after the GNR's Coastal Control Unit (UCC) in Olhão had suspected the movements of a vessel navigating the Ria Formosa, in the zone of Faro.

According to Correio da Manhã, the traffickers, whose number it was not possible to determine, when they became aware of the approach of the authorities, threw the drug overboard, and moved away at great speed, thus managing to escape.

Speaking to CMTV, Lieutenant João Marques, commander of the UCC in Olhão, added that the military, with the support of the SIVICC surveillance system, monitored the movements of "a suspicious vessel in front of Praia do Garrão", which shortly after entered the beach. Ria Formosa.

Persecuted by authorities, traffickers chose to throw the bales overboard.