“Passos Contados” ends with a guided tour by José Carlos Barros

on the 7th of November

Photo: Rodrigo Damasceno | Sul Informação

«Taking the written words as a starting point to look at the landscape, to understand the history», is the proposal of the last pedestrian walk and interpretation of the landscape in Cacela and Vila Real de Santo António (VRSA) “Passos Contados”, scheduled for 7 November, a Sunday, and which will have as a guest the architect and poet José Carlos Barros.

On these tours, participants can count on a journey that ranges from “Ibn Darraj's poems about “the lily castles” to the “vegetable gardens and fields of fig trees” that were suspended in al-Idrisi's gaze at the beginning of the XNUMXth century .



On the way, we will talk about «the extinction of the municipality of Cacela to the depopulation of Monte Gordo by the beginning of the last quarter of the XNUMXth century", "from the perplexity of English travelers who discovered a newly built Villa", from Praça das Andorinhas by Vicente Campinas, Brito Camacho, José Eduardo Horta Correia, Hugo Cavaco and António Rosa Mendes.

Those interested in enrolling can still do so, by contacting 281 952600 and [email protected].
The initiative is organized by the Center for Research and Information on Heritage of Cacela and the Chamber of VRSA and is part of the project Bezaranha – Cultural Networking.