DiVaM takes “Res de Roma” to Milreu and “In the Garden of Doubt” to the Ermida de Guadalupe

DiVaM – Promotion and Enhancement of Monuments in the Algarve has the theme “Heritage, Community and Inclusion”

The multimedia show “Res de Roma”, in the Roman Ruins of Milreu (Faro), and the closing of the project “No Jardim da Dúvida”, in the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe (Raposeira/Vila do Bispo), will mark this Friday and Saturday, 15th and 16th of October, of activities of the DiVaM program. 

Next Friday, the 15th, at the Ruínas Romanas de Milreu there will be a presentation of the Res de Roma project, by the Associação Recreativa e Cultural de Músicos, with sessions at 19:30 pm and 21:00 pm.

«This is a multimedia show, which enhances a reflection on the dichotomy “person” versus “commodity”, through a satire where the disgusted workers of ROMA, a temporary work company, where glamour, success and excellence are sold, they dream of being their own customers», says the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve.

The idea is by José Jesus and Margarida Janeiro, the text and staging by Pedro Monteiro, with André Canário, Ana Beatriz and Armando Correia. The scenography is by José Jesus, the music is by David Bastos, with the technical direction by André Ribeiro and the production by Patrícia Amaral, with the support of Pedro Pinto.

For more information and reservations: [email protected].

The Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe hosts “No Jardim da Dúvida”, a project that is scheduled to end on October 16, at 16:30 pm, with a sound installation by Carlos Norton, and a performance piece by Leslie Fernández & Natascha de Cortillas, activated by the action of the public.

“From South to North – a request for Water” includes, among other moments, a collective reading by Salí a Buscar, by the poet Silvana Ceballos Reys.

“No Jardim da Dúvida” is a contemporary art project – of a multidisciplinary nature and focused on the problematization of the notion of 'place' – whose temporary interventions took place in the outer space of the Ermida de N. Sra. de Guadalupe, since the 25th of September , crossing the work of artists from different origins and paths.

In addition to resident artists from Barlavento to Sotavento, the project also extends to the southern hemisphere with the participation of two Chilean artists. This proposal questions different conceptions about what a garden is, what is our relationship with nature and how we see or appropriate it.

No Jardim da Dúvida integrates the Visual Arts program of the 2021th Edition of “Days of As Virgens Negras” XNUMX and presents works by Ana Celorico Machado, Bertílio Martins, Carlos Norton, Gustavo Jesus, Milita Doré, Tiago Batista and Susana de Medeiros. Curated and produced by Ana Celorico Machado and Susana de Medeiros. Graphic image of Susana de Medeiros. Disclosure by Luísa Baptista. Photograph by Reinhold Spielberg.

For more information and reservations: [email protected] or via mobile phone 966 803 707.

This year, in its 8th edition, DiVaM – Promotion and Valorization of Monuments in the Algarve has as its theme “Heritage, Community and Inclusion”.