EN2 Guide has a new edition with renewed design and new content

This is the 5th edition of “Portugal from North to South by the mythical Estrada Nacional 2”

The guide “Portugal from North to South along the mythical Estrada Nacional 2” has a new edition, with “a renewed design and new contents and agents of the territory”, announced Foge me!, the publisher of this publication.

The 5th edition of this guide, which was launched for the first time in February 2018, «is also highlighted by the inclusion of new items along the 20 stages that make up this journey of the Oriole from North to South and by the participation of readers of the Run away with me!, who, by sending photographs or texts, helped to produce this new edition».

The guide, with a total circulation of around 19 thousand copies, «has been an important travel companion for those who venture along the 739,260km (in its original length) of the EN2».

The book can be purchased on the “Run away with me!” website.