Stand Up Paddle practitioner got in trouble at Mareta beach

Practitioner and lifeguard were transported to the beach

Archive photo

A 49-year-old woman of Spanish nationality, who practiced Stand Up Paddle at Mareta beach, Sagres, and was «in difficulties due to the strong wind that was felt in the place», was helped by the elements of the Sagres Lifesaving Station.

According to the Maritime Authority, the alert was given by the Maritime Search and Rescue Center of Lisbon (MRCC Lisbon), informing that a person was in difficulties, as well as the lifeguard who came to his aid.

When they arrived at the place, the elements of the lifeguard verified that the woman and the lifeguard were well, having proceeded to their rescue to the beach.

The Captain of the Port of Lagos coordinated the relief operations and the local command of the Maritime Police of Lagos took care of the incident.