Quarteira already has a new BMX track that wants to attract foreign athletes

«This new track, marked by innovation, meets the current requirements of the official entities of the sport», says the Câmara de Loulé

The new BMX track in Quarteira was inaugurated this Wednesday, July 7, and the conditions of the «new infrastructure may attract training and internships for foreign athletes, as well as international events». 

Together with Portimão, who recently had its BMX track remodeled, Quarteira could become the destination for many athletes from central Europe.

«The Algarve has two top tracks, which is important to bring international athletes to train and train. The French, Dutch and Germans are all going to southern Spain (Alicante) and we are trying to create a nucleus here to bring these athletes here», explained Dário Piedade, president of the Club “Asas da Cidade” – BMX Team which was present at the inauguration of the equipment.

In turn, Vítor Aleixo, mayor of Loulé, spoke about the council's commitment to sport, which was recognized with the seal of 'European City of Sport' in 2015.

«We have a massive sporting movement and we are a democratic council from the point of view of access to those who want to practice sport, in almost all sports. BMX is one more of them because the existing conditions are now exceptional», he said.

For now, the regional championship, regional cups and the possibility of the track hosting the Portuguese Cup final are planned to take place in Quarteira, on the 3rd and 4th of October.

If the pandemic situation allows, by the end of the year, in winter, the Quarteira club intends to hold an international competition and invite foreign athletes to get to know this infrastructure.

Quarteira has been a land with a strong tradition in BMX for several decades, which had its genesis in the 90s, with the creation of the then Radical Juventude de Quarteira. However, the club was restructured in 2007, starting to train many talents, already counting with several national champions in all categories, runners-up in the world and champions in Europe. It currently has the largest number of BMX athletes nationwide – an average of 55 per year.

However, since 2015, the existing track, located next to the Municipal Stadium of Quarteira, does not satisfy BMX athletes and practitioners, since, due to its dimensions that do not meet all the safety conditions for practitioners, it is no longer able to receive some evidence.

«This new track, marked by innovation, meets the current requirements of the official entities of the sport», says the Câmara de Loulé.

The radical and competitive route, which extends over 420 meters, was certified by the Portuguese Cycling Federation, thus being able to host national and international BMX events in the various categories.

Located next to two social neighborhoods – Abelheira and Amendoeira – the equipment now inaugurated will also be a factor of social inclusion for the young people who live there. “Wings of the City” has been carrying out important work in terms of social action, providing bicycles to all children and young people who want to start in BMX and integrate the club's training.

“It was something that would fill our hearts with joy, not least because sport is important for the good training of young people,” said president Vítor Aleixo regarding this approach of neighborhood residents to the sport.