PSD asks for official measures taken from the meeting between the Portimão Chamber and the Secretary of State

Meetings "are always positive as long as they do not serve as a show-off", defend the social democrats from Portimão

The PSD of Portimão calls on the Chamber of this Algarve municipality to "publicly publicize the measures and proposals that led to the meeting" last Friday, the 2nd, by videoconference, with the Secretary of State for Tourism, so that "the people of Portimão have on the horizon the hope of the work that will have an effect» between the municipality and the Government.

For the president of the PSD of Portimão, "it is very positive that the municipality asks for meetings and holds them, taking proposals and assuming commitments with any and all entities that provide answers to the people of Portimão."

Carlos Gouveia Martins says he hopes, however, “that there will be more content than the last ones that have been made public recently by political choice of the PS and the Portimão Council, in which, clearly, we all understand the purpose, but what is certain is that we do not know of a proposal that has helped anyone after these two meetings», with the Prime Minister and now with the Secretary of State for Tourism.

Claiming to respect "the populist mission that the PS and Isilda Gomes want to bring in an election year to mitigate some possible animosity towards a deserted mandate", the local PSD leader says he prefers that, "at this difficult time for the people of Portimo", the Chamber present “more ideas and fewer hollow announcements of ideas”.

For its part, the PSD of Portimão ends by recalling that, in meetings of the Chamber, Municipal Assembly and Parish Assemblies, "it has voted in favor of several proposals from various political parties, with the objective of being implemented to help the people of Portimão and not just for party tactics».